Monday, February 23, 2009

OMG I Love the Internet

LOL, I know that makes me sound like an idiot, but it's totally true. It made my life so much easier today and saved me some gas too. I hate going places alone when I don't exactly know where I'm going and today I didn't have to all because of the internet. See, I am one of the many jobless people in this world and I was totally dreading going down to the local EDD office. I found their website and applied for benefits online. Yes friends, I googled. Oh and please don't worry about me becoming a recluse with too many cats - - I love socializing way too much to go there. Yes, I do have too many cats, but that's another story.

Back to the joblessness - - I used to think that there couldn't be anything worse than losing one's job until I lost mine. Amazingly enough, I am not overcome with despair or suicidal over it. I am actually looking forward to doing something different. Something I am better suited for, something great. I guess I had fallen into a rut of complacency, content to just put in my 8 hours and collect my check every other Friday. I used to sit there like a veal in a box - - waiting on customer after customer and now.... What lies next for Lisa?

On the personal side, I am going to be a grandma! Uh yeah, I'm waaaaaayyyy too young to be a grandma, but that's what I get for having kids so young and now they're grown and well you know what comes next. So my baby girl is having a baby - - I'm going to support her one hundred percent! I love her and I will love her husband and baby too. Oh yeah, she's got a list of things I must knit for the baby - - better go get started! I have until October!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Of Knitters with Kitties

Yes I have two kitties - - Cupcake (who's on loan from Summer who's currently in Georgia in the U.S. Army) and (my very own hellion) Cookie. What on Earth would possess a Monster Stash-building knitter to have a cat for a pet, let alone two?
Why am I complaining about the two most loveable hunks of fur to ever walk on four paws? Maybe it's because I came home to a veritable web of yarn in the living room, hallway and the Cats' Room. Different colors, it was truly a feline masterpiece. Yes, call me insane for storing my yarn in their room, but they are in tubs and boxes that they can't get into. Or can they? I guess only they and their canine accomplice, Trudy can say what really happened. No one's talking.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A.D.D. Who Me?

This is not and I repeat not an admittance of guilt but in the immortal words of the magic 8 Ball, all signs point to yes. Am I talking about Twig's socks? Yes. I started them with hopes of completing a pair and seeing them on her little tootsies. Will I finish them? Will I take that little project bag out again and tear back the error -ridden gusset and start that section over? Will Twig see these socks ever? Will I restore my beloved sister's faith in my knitting abilities? Wait a minute, back up there, she is aware of my knitting abilities, what she is also aware of is my painful inability to stay focused on one particular project.

What the hell am I doing up at 2-something in the morning? Is it the siren song of my socks calling out to me that brought me out of some pretty delicious REM sleep? Was it my drooling, kneading cat, Cookie? Or maybe Trudy's snoring? Whatever it was, I am sitting here typing and not knitting. But I must say this in my defense. I am the proud owner of not one, but two newly-knitted dishcloths. Go me! Oh yeah, speaking of knitted dishcloths, there was this pattern on Ravelry....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

All I Can Say is "Wow!"

Sean got me reading this book that has totally opened my eyes! It's called "The Secret." I'm sure some of you are rolling your eyes. Yes, this book has been around and there's even a movie or DVD about it. I can't believe that I'm just now discovering it. And I hate to admit this, I started reading it rather grudgingly. It took me away from my knitting and other creative pursuits (snort).

Sean, baby, I can't thank you enough.

It's funny how books that he's gotten me to read have really done wonders for me - - Body Rx by Dr. Scott Connelly and now The Secret - - I've lost over 30 lbs and now I know the secret. Wow.
I recommend BOTH books. Oh yeah, Franklin Habit's "It Itches" is HILARIOUS! I totally saw myself in a lot of those cartoons. Thank you Patti.

Okay, so about Twig's socks - I picked up for the gusset and I'm not happy about it. I did something pretty ugly right around the heel flap. And on the gusset I picked up 14 stitches on one side and only 13 on the other. I am sure that if my anal-retentive sister read this she would make me rip back tonight at Borders, and do it over again. I can see her now, pursing her lips and telling me that I can't be sloppy. Even though Twig wouldn't ever know, I would know that it's wrong. Ay yay yay. Dang it - - it sounds like I'm chastising myself instead of just waiting. I know it's coming. I won't steal her joy. I'll just let her look it over and find the mistake herself. Does that make me evil? Nah. We'll see tonight!