Saturday, January 31, 2009

Woo Hoo! Functional Training class kicked a$$ Saturday!! We had 8 students this foggy morning. Sylvia (my little red pony); Val (Martini Girl); this cute little couple that's getting married in 3 months; Mario the Boxer; Tambra from the MidWest; cute little Future Trainer, Celeste; Sean the devil and yours truly.

Can you tell that I started this post on Saturday? Cuz it's Monday now and gone is the enthusiasm that I started out with. Today I'm sore. Really sore. But I'm in good company, like everyone else in the class.

So I'm knitting socks for Twig. I'm battling A.D.D. and when the first sock is finished, I have to contend with Second Sock Syndrome, from which I am a chronic sufferer. But yes, I have actually finished a pair. I was actually wearing them the other night. The first pair I ever knit, well and the last pair. They're made from this wild pink variegated washable yarn, probably some poly blend. But they're both done and they're cute!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal

Yes, I'm back.
Hope springs eternal - I have hopes of finishing some projects - like Twig's socks that I started oh so many months ago, and "Lisa's scarf", that should more appropriately be renamed Alisha's scarf. I think she's knit at least two to my 1/3. And in my defense, Alisha named it that and not me, thank you very much.
It's going to be a rainy weekend - the perfect weather to stay inside and knit and all I can think about is golf. Yes, I have a serious jones to hit that little dimpled ball into that impossibly small hole.
I am running Sean's Functional Training in the Park class on Saturday morning, rain or shine, so wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's okay.

So I'm sitting here contemplating my next posting and can you believe I have nothing to say? People who know, I mean really know me, are going to find this so hard to believe. I usually have an opinion on everything. So here I sit, and my mind is blank.
Yes, blank, and frankly I'm bored with it. (Again, I am a victim of my own short attention span.) I really should be doing something constructive, and yet I find myself still sitting here trying to dazzle you with my brilliance.
Screw it, I'm going to go knit where it's okay to be mindlessly repetitive.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Step Toward Normalcy

Did I really say "normalcy"? What is that anyway? says that normalcy is "
being within certain limits that define the range of normal functioning." Okay, I accept that. Normal functioning for me IS my short attention span, my affinity for size US 7 knitting needles, my insane love for my car and my golf clubs, and most importantly my SNB. That's right, Chicks, I'm talking about you.
After nearly 2 weeks without hanging with my peeps (lol, I can picture Summer rolling her eyes) I made it to Beverly's last night. Boy did it feel good. Of course, the girls made it seem like the return of the prodigal son (me), but whatever, I was knitting! And of course, I had to sit next to the world's most prolific knitter, Jane and pet her sweater. All is right again.
Except I can't seem to convince Cupcake (also known as C.C.) and Cookie of that - - they're not sure what to make of Trudy. True she does walk around on all fours like they, but is she really worthy? Does she have the juice to rule the roost? In case you didn't know, C.C. and Cookie are my cats. The cutest and in Cookie's case, most mischievous cats in the county.
Oh, but back to Jane. She's a fast knitter and she wears her knits. She has made some awesome sweaters, tops, you name it, she's knit it. I knit a sweater too - - the Sweater from Hell, as the Chicks have all heard me call it. It's not really from Hell, it's beautiful. Summer wore it twice and now it hangs (the horror) in her closet. I don't know why she can't wear it, it's green! Actually it's the Central Park Hoodie from Interweave, and baby, it's beautiful and fits her like a glove. I didn't think I was one to rest on my laurels, but apparently I am. I haven't finished a project since. Wait, back up, I've knit scarves, but that's it.
I have an excuse - - my life has taken a drastic turn. Yeah, I didn't want to mention it again, but divorce has taken a toll. Not to mention my new obsession - - golf! Yeah, I'm still waiting to go and swing that new club Amber got me for Christmas. I don't care what the weather is like, I'm thinking there's no better way to spend a Sunday now that my Bears are out of Super Bowl contention.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's 2009!

You're probably thinking "Yeah, thank you Captain Obvious!" But it just hit me, I mean, really hit me. It's 2009! I never thought I'd live to see it - not that I'm old or sick or anything. I just figured that our sun would go supernova on us or something. Whoa, that comes from being forced to watch my sister's favorite Sci-fi shows because she totally monopolized the tv and remote control when we were growing up. She STILL does it, btw. Yeah Sissy, I'm talking about you.
Mmm hmm it's 2009 and I'm pretty upset that we don't have flying cars like the Jetson's. (Even though I do my best to make my little blue Civic fly.) And speaking of that - - it's January and I'm really hoping to break my Speeding Ticket Curse. You see, Leadfoot Lisa has gotten a speeding ticket every January for like the last 3 or 4 years. This year I hope to break the curse. Somebody knock wood for me, please.
I'd like to talk about resolutions, but I didn't make any. Do you find that as odd as I do? Why didn't I? Do not think for a minute that I think I'm perfect and don't need to improve myself, cuz believe me, I know my shortcomings. I could resolve to lose weight and get in shape, but I've been working out and eating reasonably well since June when Summer left for Boot Camp. I've lost 35 pounds and still could lose more. And like I said in my profile, Body Rx changed my life.
I could resolve to quit drinking alcohol altogether, but that is just insane. I would break it.
So here I sit complaining about the world not having flying cars instead of finding ways to break my New Year's resolutions. Hey, maybe I'll finish a knitting project or two...