Saturday, November 29, 2008

Welcome to the 21st Century, Q

Okay, now I've done it - - what now? What on Earth am I going to write about? Who's going to read it? Who wants to know what's going on in Lisa's world? I may never know, but here goes..

Lots and lots. Things are way different for me these days.

Divorce. Weight loss. New car

What am I doing? Working out, knitting, dealing with Trudy. Who's Trudy? Glad you asked. She is my 5 yr-old English Bulldog. Sean and I got her back in October from the SPCA. Who would give up a ton of love like that? Who knows. But that's exactly what Trudy is - - a ton of love. She charges like a rhino, but she's really a lamb. Hmm, wonder what color sweater should I knit for her...